Magic Wall

The Magic Wall is a portable video performance installation, suitable for adding visual pazzaz to DJs or bands, or can also be used to present other types of content for corporate events using a variety of interactive audience controllers.

It has been on an active tour of duty since 2008. Starting life at our very own immersive vintage knees-up Smashed Up Soiree, it has since been seen out on the road in the UK and Europe with the impeccable White Mink, at various corporate settings in the UK and USA, at many festivals including Big Chill and Larmer Tree, on stage with bands such as The Noisettes and The Correspondents, and at a select few weddings and birthdays of some of our loveliest friends.

IMG_2816 IMG_0209 1

Up to 20 antique wooden frames of different shapes and sizes can be used in any arrangement to fit the space available – from desktop setups for DJ support to 30-metre wide stage setups. Frames can be behind, beside, or even simultaneously mixed behind and in front of performers.

A variety of controllers (modern touchscreen, vintage telephone, even a drum kit) allows the DJ or other performers to play films loops, still images, moving or static song lyrics and other animations in time with music or any performance. The content can also be set to react to music automatically. The wall looks great with its set of vintage swing dance loops and electro visuals but can also play any required content with ease.

Sometimes the fox is in residence and can be used to communicate messages to the crowd throughout the night:


The cine camera throws vintage footage of the performers or audience into the frames:

Set Up / Installation

The whole installation can be set up in a new venue of any size without requiring any fittings to / contact with walls or ceilings, and ready to play in about 2-4 hours (depending on scale) using the touchscreen controller.

Behind the Scenes

Three ultra-short throw projectors light the frames from an amazingly short distance and can either sit at the foot of the wall or suspend from the ceiling. All mapping software is custom written in AS3 and much love goes out to Surya Buchwald for combing the code and Bruce Lane for helping get the object oriented ducks in their respective rows.

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